Getting Head Lice from Dogs and Cats

Head Lice Treatments

Can we get head lice and nits from dogs, cats, stuffed animals, and other things?

Dirty Kids Get Head Lice

There is some truth about head lice and "hygienically challenged" kids. Read this to find out the whole story.Dirty Kids Head Lice and nits

Head Lice and Nits? Freeze them

head lice and nits woman
Head Lice?!?! I have to wash everything in the house!! Ahhhhh!

Recognizing head lice

identifying head liceThe only way of confirming an infection with head lice is by seeing either the adult lice or their eggs in the hair. The lice tend to stay close to the scalp and move away from direct light, but the nits are stuck to the hair shafts. In searching for nits and/or lice, the following are important: 

What are nits?

Female lice that are approximately 7 days old have generally reached reproductive maturity. At this point in their life they lay seven to 10 takes a day. The eggs are usually called nits. The eggs/nits are a white-translucence color and are very close to the scalp. The nits require a fairly constant...

What are head lice?

Head lice (Pediculus humanus capitis) are tiny wingless insects about two millimetres long which live on the scalp and neck of humans. When an infestation occurs there may be up to 12 adult lice on the scalp at any one time. They feed from human blood and must eat at least twice a day; they cannot s...

Where are the lice and nits?

Head lice generally like a dark, warm place. They tend to congregate behind the ears or above the nape of the neck. Since they gather there, they tend to lay their eggs there. If you have a child that wears ponytails or any hair that is clumped together, look at the base of that area. Lice do not al...

The problem with nit picking

nit pickingNit picking is the most common misguided form of control for head lice among medical and school professionals. It does not work. If it did, there would be no lice left.

Here is the usual scenario: Head lice are discovered after itching. You run to the pharmacy and buy the pesticide based Rid or Nix...

New Endorsement Spotlight

Meet: Samantha Long R.N.



Samantha Long (Sam or Sami) is a Registered Nurse and works at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Illinois USA in their Emergency Department. Sami graduated from Purdue University.

Her licenses are R.N. and E.C.R.N.

Sami was actually one of our patients when sh...

The Nit Picking Dilemma

Nit picking is really the crux of head lice problem. The actual lice themselves are relatively easy to eliminate. However, their eggs that have been glued to the hair shaft create a huge dilemma for most people.