About us

Hi, my name is Darren. I am the president/CEO of North Coast Inc. which makes Absolute Head Lice Cure. 

Although that may sound very fancy we are actually just a "mom and pop" type of operation. We do all of the work out of our home and garage including all of the orders and paperwork and building of the lice kits right here.

We are not a huge multinational corporation we are just a family that has invented something out of desperation and found out that a lot of people need it as did we.

My mother-in-law and father-in-law help us out quite a bit. They are both retired and want to do things to help out us "kids". So my father-in-law fills the bottles with a solution and puts the labels on them. He and my mother-in-law also help us out by taking the truck and going up to get the 55 gallon drums of raw materials that we need (the people at the warehouse load it for them). They also go up (to Chicago) and get the cases of plastic bottles for us. My wife gathers the orders every night and prints them out for me. I do everything else...which includes unloading the 55 gallon drums, finances, ordering, gathering the raw ingredients and "cooking", mixing and putting together the solution, work on the webpage, try to answer all the questions and e-mails we get, etc. I gather the bottles that have been made and packaged them into boxes for delivery. It takes a lot of time for all of us. So, between the four of us we do all the work around here.

We strive to be as ethically correct as possible. This business does not make tons of money although it has the potential to. The reason you don't see our product in major stores is because of what we would have to sacrifice ethically to make that happen. Frankly, it is much easier, cheaper, and far more profitable to put a carcinogenic pesticide in a small bottle and get it on the shelf of a major store. Personally, I couldn't sleep night if I knew I were doing unethical things like that. Many people in business can... I cannot. So, if that means we will not be a huge multinational conglomerate making millions of dollars then so be it. I am not an angel but I am certainly not going to put cancer-causing chemicals on children's heads.

What it would take for us to grow is an infusion of capital (money). Now if somebody puts a lot of money into this company: they expect to have some say in it. Which is fair. However what if all of a sudden they want to do things which are unethical? Unfortunately in big business you have to do some unethical things. So, I would rather us stay small and ethical rather than large and unethical.

We live in a town called Valparaiso in Indiana which is just south of Lake Michigan. We are pretty close to Chicago.

We have a golden retriever named Maggie. We also have a cat named Hobbes. And about a year ago we rescued a guinea pig that could no longer be cared for. I have a lot of dandelions in my yard so it works out perfectly because he (is named Sneakers) loves them.

take care,