How do we gain your trust?

This is a question that we asked ourselves over and over. Since we are based on the Internet as opposed to actual storefront that you could walk into, we are constantly working to gain your trust.

We offer a guarantee so that there is no monetary risk for you. This is one part of the trust building we try to do. The other is to post many testimonials. To the right, in the colored boxes, you can see in few of the testimonials. We are very proud of these. There are many more posted on the testimonial page.

These testimonials are real, from real people with struggles very similar to yours and ours. Their stories ring a bell with a lot of people. Sometimes when we go through situations such as head lice, we feel alone because it is not exactly a subject we can share with a lot of people. These testimonials help show us that we are all struggling with similar problems and that there are ways to overcome these problems. You cannot imagine how grateful we are when people offer testimonials. Sharing information, and solutions to problems is very important for us as a human community. One thing the Internet has offered is the opportunity for people to share important items and solutions. We offer these testimonials as a proof that our head lice cure works like we say it does.

We would be very honored if you would send us a testimonial when you are finished with Head Lice Cure.

We would also greatly appreciate any feelings you have on what we can do to be even more trustworthy. When we initially cured our daughter of head lice, we offered our solution to other parents who were struggling with it. As the product cured them, they went on to tell others and the word-of-mouth testimonials were wonderful...but how do you translate that to a webpage? If you have any ideas for us please feel free to e-mail us. We would love to hear your ideas. How do we gain your trust?


Hilda, CO

testimonials-05-familypic.jpgHi!! Well I finally finished the Product and It did work for me as well as my husband We must have caught the cooties from someone and had it for more then a year.

We struggled every day to get rid of them we tried everything on the market. We never had any hope of getting rid of these little bugs It took over our lives after the treatment. I put a drop of LICE block additive in a stay in conditioner and it helped keep them away We feel confident that we can travel and go shopping and the little bugs will stay off us. You take care and good Luck to you in your business God Bless


 Jennifer Pentecost, Oakland, TN

Well, my story is like most people on this site. My 7 year old daughter was staying the night with her cousin and called me wanting to come home so I went and picked her up. On the way home she told me her head was itching. I didn't think too much about it because she tends to get dry spots in her scalp that itch occasionally.

Well, we got home and I checked her hair and was SHOCKED to find big lice and little lice as well as tons of nits. I was FREAKING OUT!! We had never dealt with head lice before. This was at 10:30 at night and I wasn't going to let her go to sleep with these bugs in her hair so I went to the store and got some RID and immediately used it on her. I didn't see any more bugs in her head but of course there were tons of nits. I let her go to sleep because by this time it was midnight and she was so sleepy.

As soon as she got up the next morning I started picking nits. The comb that was included didn't even get the nits out so I had to pick them out with my fingernails! I would pick for 2 hours, take a break and start picking again. My daughter HATED it!! I started researching on the internet about how to kill the nits and I came across your website. I read all the testimonials and decided to give it a try.

As soon as we got it in the mail I used it on my daughter. I noticed after the first time we used it that a lot of the nits were gone. We have used it 3 times total and it keeps getting better and better. Thank you so much. School starts back next week and I can relax knowing that if she gets head lice again I will know how to treat it and get rid of it!! 



Hello, I just wanted you and all the world to know how much I LOVE this product. I have two children who have had lice unfortunately for about 3 years.....Yes that's right 3 years. When I think we are finally finished guess what that nasty bug is back and I am crying again. I have no idea how much money I have spent over this period but I do know NOTHING worked. Please believe me we have tried it all, from mayo in their hair while they sleep, to olive oil, all the shampoos that you can buy at the drug stores, every comb that they make(even one that is suppose to beep and light up when it finds a nit. I found this web site and I thought what's one more product IF it works, which I did not think it would and I have to admit when I called I was thinking that I am wasting more money.

But I ordered it anyway and couldn't wait to get it. I read the directions and thought "How is the going to work and you don't even have to comb the nits out afterwards. But I put it on the first night and was absolutely blown away in the morning when the girls got up and you could see the lice that had died during the night. I know that's probably more information that you needed to know BUT I know that there are many families that are going through this nightmare or that will go through this nightmare and if this one message will help you make your decision on buying this product I have done my job and I will finally have a good thing come out of this horrible experience. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and my children thank you too. Please always make this stuff.... IT'S AWESOME


Crossville, TN

testimonials-02-3kids.jpgIt was so easy--dealing with 3 little girls who just HAVE to have long hair. No more late nights picking nits, pulling hair, crying--both my girls and me. We struggled with head lice for more years than I care to admit, and I tried EVERYTHING, from prescriptions to old-wives tales. I was at my wits end, Nothing worked until I found Absolute Head Lice Cure. And I found it accidentally while researching everything I could find about head lice on the internet! I also shared the info and website with the school nurse--that's how convinced I am.


This stuff really works!



I just wanted to say.....


it has been so embarrassing having lice......friends asking to play with your hair, borrow your brush- and saying no without an excuse that's not humiliating. It's funny your stuff worked....the only product that seems like it wouldn't work cause you don't have to sit head down while you're head's examined....but it does...again, thank-you thank-you, thank-you!


Doreen Rutherford, Riverside, CA

Hi. My name is Doreen Rutherford. My 8 year old daughter kept getting head lice. I tried everything. All the over-the-counter medications as well as the prescription shampoo from the doctor. Finally, I searched the web and found you. My daughter has been lice free for almost 2 years. Even now if my daughter spends the night at someone's house, when she comes home as a precaution I apply the treatment to her hair. This stuff really works. I am so grateful that I found you. So is my daughter. I even bought some for my sister in law.


Kay, Redmond, WA

testimonials-04-englishgirls.jpgDear Diane & Darren,

I apologize for not replying sooner. I am a huge fan of your Head Lice Cure. After trying the over the counter treatment (lice still there), olive oil, an enzyme product from the internet, I finally read and re-read the testamonials on your web site. I figured, what the heck, I have nothing to lose.

I had heard from friends who had gone through the same problem and they had me thinking I would never rid my children of the lice and that I needed to vacuum everyday, throw all sheets, pillow cases, blankets in the dryer for a month minimum. They gave me horror stories of just one little lice being on the carpet and starting the whole process over again. I really felt overwhelmed and hopeless.

Once we started the treatment, I noticed a big difference. I even took your advice and did not wear myself out vacuuming, stripping beds, etc. We did the treatment for the entire time and we have had absolutely no reoccurrance of the lice and it was so easy. Granted, the kids did not love the feeling at first of the product, but they got used to it. I even treated myself as a precaution and I thought it was just no big deal. I have already told my friends who had their own experiences with head lice to just order your product and they will not need to go through what they did in the past. I don't even worry about what will happen if my children come home with lice again. I know now that it will be gone in no time. I highly recommend your product.

You may use my first name, Kay and my town and state, Redmond, WA. Thank you for creating this wonderful product.

Sincerely, Kay


Terry Spradling

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you.....

Your product worked just like you said it would.....

My 10 year old must have been infected for sometime .... she has excema (very dry skin) which makes her itch. It is especially bad in the winter. So when she scrached her head we really did not think much about it.

I had just washed her hair and was combing it out when I noticed rice like things all over...good sized. I then had a really close look at her scalp and saw something crawling...I knew right then and there that she had head lice. I went right out and bought "RID"-- I did just what the directions said to... not once by 4 times!!! It did not work.

I called the doctor and was told to try the mayo thing... I thought no way. So onto the internet to learn about these pests. This is were I saw your site and after reading thru the information -- I thought I would give it a try...I had nothing to loose except the lice. So I ordered it for overnight delivery. I followed the directions and they are now gone.....My daughter really liked the smell too, her hair after all the treatments looks great and the side benefit is that the itching from the dry skin was gone too!

Thanks again


Emily-Anne Miller

I just had to write and tell you how amazed and happy I was with the results of headlicecure.I saw results the first treatment I used on my daughter! Thank you thank you! I would reccomend this to anyone battling with head lice.We had tried everything and nothing worked,and here come head lice cure.I was a little skeptical at first but with these results,I do not regret my purchase at all.Thank you again.

Emily-Anne Miller



testimonials-03-kidsinfield.jpgWe would just like to say thank you !!!!!!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!! .

WE had tried everything we could to get rid of my Granddaughters headlice and nothing worked they just kept coming back {or reproducing] , I even ordered a treatment from the UK to no avail, absolutely nothing worked until we read about your treatment on the Internet and decided to give it a try, and thank you , thank you ,it WORKED, SHE IS NOW FREE OF HEAD LICE.


Sheri, Portland, OR


1.The great thing about the Head Lice Cure was that I only had to use it once on my three kids.

2. I would tell others to have everyone in the household to do the treatment, even if only one person may have it. It's better to be safe than sorry and get everyone done all at the same time.


Edie, OH

Dear Diane & Darren,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Your product is a sanity saver!

My two daughter's little girls, five in all, got this nightmare of a problem in school a year ago and we have been battling it ever since. We tried everything on the market again and again, even prescription remedies. Nothing worked. With that many heads to constantly keep checking to make sure you found every single nit (which is impossible) and bedding to wash and re-washing with treatments that weren't working we were all going crazy. My oldest daughter was seriously considering shaving their heads! I just kept thinking that there had to be something out there that would work.

I started checking sites online and reading up on the problem and available remedies that we hadn't already tried. I wish I had found your product first. The one I did find and ordered did not work. So I was back online searching and thank God I found you. What sold was the other testamonials. Other people discribing absolutely what we were going through and raving about your product. Well, add us to your list, your product WORKS!!!!!!!! It was simple to use, didn't smell bad, we didn't have to worry about poisons and toxins or painstakingly going through every strand of hair with a screaming child yelling "stop it".

I'm so glad you emailed me, I kept telling my daughters I had to write you and let you know how grateful we. Thank you for saving our sanity and my granddaughters' hair!

God Bless


Cathy B., Salem, OR

This product was so easy to use. My stepdaughter struggled with head lice for years without anyone being able to really help her to completely cure it. She was humiliated, because it would seem to go away for awhile, but always came back after she used the conventional OTC products (Rid, etc). This was the 2nd time she had it at my house, so I went online to do some research. This is when I saw your website. Your ad and testimonial and those of others, really spoke to my heart and I decided to give it a try. I could tell how passionate and sincere you were about this problem.

Your product really does work. We only used 1 bottle of it. When I discovered the lice on Mother's Day of this year, I bought the Rid, treated her hair, spent 3 hrs picking nits out of her hair, and 11 hours cleaning and fumigating and spraying the house. If I had had your product on hand, none of this would have been necessary. After using your product, the nits literally brushed right out of her hair. I couldn't believe it!! What a blessing!!. Your website gave so much factual information about head lice, that it really did give me some peace. No one in the household got it but her, and she was cured completely. The smell of it was pleasant, and did not bother her. It actually seemed to condition her rather dry hair, which was a bonus. She left for home recently, and 2 months later her hair was still lice-free.


Jackie, OH

I can not thank you enough for your product. I purchased your head lice cure back in March of this year and began treatment on my daughter. We had been fighting head lice for almost 3 years and I had tried everything over the counter for her along with all the home remedies. I had almost given up hope. Then, I came across your web site. It seemed too good to be true. It has been 4 months now that she has been clean. I can not thank you enough.


Linda M., South Lake Tahoe, CA

Diane and Darren, Thank you for finding an alternative to store brand poisons!!! The small concentrated bottles were inexpensive, came in a discretely shipped package and arrived fairly quickly.

The best thing about your ABSOLUTE HEAD LICE CURE is that IT WORKS!!!! It also had a light nice essential oil smell and was convenient to purchase. I also liked being able to order on-line and not be embarrassed with a face to face encounter. Thanks again! Hey, GREAT PRODUCT!!!! Keep it out there!!!!!


Linda M., Fort Stewart, GA

Yes I have finished using your product & it worked wonderfully !!!! Your shipping was very FAST & descreet. Well packed, & the instructions were very easy to understand. It was very easy to use, it didn't have that awful smell like the cemical products I tried. The first day of use we itched less, by the second time of use there was no more itching at all !!!! By the time I was finsihed using your product almost ALL of the nits had fallen out on there own, there was no painful combing for my 4 years daughter to go through & that is one of the BEST feature's of your product!! No Tears from her & no screaming to hold still from me.

Even though your site does warn about staining I did not have that problem, the spot on our pillow case's came right out after one washing.( towels don't stay in place) One of the great feature's about your products is that I didn't have to worry about washing every little thing we had been near.... that made a wrold of differance to me. I had done a site search, that's how I found you & your wonderfull products, I read almost every testimonial & that's what really sold me! Thank you


Judy, AZ

WOW!! This stuff worked GREAT. I was skeptical at first but then i thought what did i have to loose by trying it?? Well i promise you all we had to loose was the head lice, FINALLY. This was VERY affordable, very easy to use and best of all it WORKS! Thank you so very much for an outstanding product. You saved our lives. BUY THIS, it is ALL you will ever need!!


Robin, OH

I've ordered your product twice, and it has performed exactly as described both times. My daughter suffered through head lice for TWO YEARS, and it got to the point where she was terrified of sleepovers, going to camp, even going to school. We tried every over-the-counter product, and it never even occurred to me that they could be dangerous.

To this day, I am so relieved when my daughter brings home a good report card--that's how worried I am that I've inadvertently caused brain damage to my child, especially when I was only trying to be a good mom. The blackest moment came when I realized that I had lice, too, and my poor child sobbed her heart out because she blamed herself for my infestation. We never even got as far as the mayonnaise or kerosene treatments. I'm a seasoned "surfer," and as soon as we realized that Rid, et al., didn't work, I started looking for a cure online. I thank God every day for leading me to your site.

I can't thank you enough, and I've bookmarked your website in case I ever need Absolute Head Lice Cure again. Please, don't ever reveal the ingredients in your magic formula. If the big drug companies ever got their hands on it, they'd fleece the public even more than they are doing now with their false promises, dangerous chemicals, and over-priced ineffective products. I am more than willing to put your kids through college if it means I can have an effective cure for my kids. God bless you.


Max Anthony

Dear Darren and Diane:

My story isn't to much different than the other testimonials, but I had to write to tell you how grateful my family and I are for you product. My daughter got lice at school and gave it to her sister and my wife. I can't begin to count the hours I spent picking lice/eggs/nits, nor can I count the amount of money I spent on medications that seemed to have no effect whatsoever. After three weeks of defeat I found your web site and, although your product description seemed to good to be true, I ordered anyway out of desperation.

Here it is three weeks later and, looking back, I can't think of anything I've ever bought that impressed me more than your head lice cure. The most impressive thing about it is that you have created what corporate America hasn't been able to: a safe, incredibly effective solution to an embarrassing and mentally devestating problem.

Words are totally inadaquate for describing my families relief at finally being rid of the little monsters, not can words describe how grateful we are to you for making it possible.

People wondering if your product is ligitimate and all that it claims to be can e-mail me @

There is a real problem around here with lice infestation, so I've taken the liberty to give your info to our local elementary school, and will likely do so for the other schools around here so it can be distributed to the parents. Will we see HLC on the shelves of Walmart (etc.) anytime soon? Do you have any interest in representatives for your product?

Sincerely, Max Anthony


Terry B., Easley, SC

I just wanted to send you my testimonial! I sent a message with my order several months ago about the problem my daughter and I had been struggling with for four years! Yes, I said YEARS!!! Her hair is so thick and course it was impossible to remove all of the nits. Everytime we did the treatment, and we tried all of them, even using twice as much and leaving it on twice as long. We tried over the counter, prescription, and all the home remedies, except for kerosene. That was going to be next! But no matter what we had to do that terrible combing. It would take me and my mother 4 to 5 hours to comb all her hair and we would still find living bugs! I have never experienced anything as traumatic as this has been.

I can't tell you how happy I am now that we have finally gotten rid of those critters! My daughter was so paranoid about it for so long, she didn't even want anyone to look at her hair. I waited several months after using Head Lice Cure to write this testimonial because I was so afraid that they would come back again, like they always did. I am elated to say, they have not! My mother said we should get that stuff analyzed and find out what's in it! I told her, it makes no difference to me what's in it, IT WORKED!!! I have told several other people who were suffering through the combing where to find THE CURE. Thank you so very much, words can not express how grateful I am to you and your family!


Nita, Lawton, OK

I want to THANK YOU so much for this wonderful product! My daughter and I had been battling this problem (Lice) for about two years off & on. I have purchased all the over the counter products, used many many home remedies and nothing helped. I looked on the internet and found you'll. I ordered this amazing product and IT WORKS!!!!!! I was so excited. I told my mom about it for her grandchildren which live with her and that have had the same problem and she ordered some. I don't know how you did it, but you're a blessing in disguise. Thank You once again!


Pam Packard, Vidor, Texas

I just wanted to tell everyone how much the lice treatment has helped my family. It was such a nightmare with the lice problem!! THEY WOULD NOT GO AWAY. I would stay up for hours at night while my daughters even fell asleep, while I picked out the nits. Just when I was sure that they were gone... THEY WOULD SHOW UP AGAIN! Between my five kids, we probably had lice at our house for 6-7 months. I spent a ton of money buying Nix, RID and clear lice egg removal. I was just sure that they would all work.

I was so fed up when I looked on the internet and found this site. It sounded too good to be true, but I was so desperate to give anything a try. I cannot tell you the difference this has made. The lice were completely gone!!! It has been a few months now since we are lice free. My girls were not nervous at all when lice check came at school. THANK YOU SO MUCH for inventing this stuff!! It is well worth the money I spent and MORE!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!


Linda Kilgore

Yes!!! Headlicecure really, really works!! We used two over the counter products recommended by the pharmacist. Neither one killed the lice and after picking they still returned within a matter of days. I finally resorted to using vaseline and a shower cap which killed the living ones.

The next day I received Headlicecure in the mail and started using this product on my granddaughter's head. We never saw another living lice. The product is fantastic and her hair never looked better. The other two grandchildren never got head lice and neither did any of her friends.

I have an extra case stored just in case one of the children get them again. I recommend this product to everyone. I wish the schools knew about this because head lice could probably finally be prevented!!



What can I say other than THANK YOU!! As all the others have said I really thought we would never get rid of them. We even discussed cutting all my daughters hair off in order to get rid of them. Really thought there was no way out. Can't even recall how much money we had spent on the over the counter stuff. $$$$$$$

If you are reading this and don't believe any of this is true and are going to continue to use the over the counter stuff take my advice. Save all your receipts because they all say they are 100% money back guarantee and you can use that money to purchase this when you give up the fight and who knows you may have enough left over to take a vacation and celebrate I know I sure could have.

Also can say this, if reinfestation occurs I know what to use with confidence. And two or three weeks is nothing compared to what my daughter has been through. Still can't believe that I put her through all that.

Thanks so much


Cindy, Florida

I am divorced, 41, and female, with no children in the house. After trying every single "drug-store" cure, and a few "wierd" ones, I was at my wits end. Seriously!! I have never cut my hair except for basic trimming, it is almost to my knees. My only alternative left was to cut it all off after all these years!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for saving my hair and my sanity. This one really works, people. I think modern-day head lice have become immune to the pesticides and pyrethins, etc. I have shared your product with my friends whose children have been exposed, and they all are SO thankful. It only took 3 treatments for me!!! Thanks Again, my only regret was that I had not found your product sooner.


Shaun McGowan, New Zealand

Dear Dianne,

We are writing to thank you for your wonderful product!We were at the point of desperation with our daughter and our fight with head lice. For twelve weeks we battled with every product on the market here. Our daughter has gorgeous auburn hair that is so rich a colour that people everywhere comment on it. At five years old, I was faced with the prospect of shaving it all off in order to kill these awful bugs, and she was devastated that she would have to return to school after the holidays with no hair. Finally my husband tried the internet as a last means, and he found you and your great product.

There is no way to express how much your headlice solution has meant to us.It's brilliant! And I now have no concerns, should she get reinfected at school, because there's enough left to treat it all over again.

Because we have had such great success with this, I would dearly love to pass on your secret to other parents, who are literally tearing out their hair to find a solution to headlice. Is anyone selling or providing your product in New Zealand? If so, please let us know who or where so we can let people know, and if not, would you be interested in finding a distributor for your product. We would be very interested in selling your wonderful product. We are just a Mum, Dad and three kids, but we think you have found a miracle cure.


Pat D'Amico, Bridgeport, CT

I can't begin to tell you how impressed and happy we are with your product. It really worked. Again, thanks!!


Stephanie, Richmond, VA

You are doing a wonderful job in getting the word out and marketing a product that is both safe and effective. My two sons weren't crazy about the treatments at first, but they got used to it. We made a game out of it, i.e. a countdown sort of thing..."six treatments to go, five treatments to go" get the idea. It's a shame that the public and the medical field has so much ignorance about this common problem, which carries so much stigmatization. And worse yet, that this problem is compounded rather than cured, by the mass marketing and prescribing of ineffective potentially harmful overpriced "remedies." Your product is safe, effective, and reasonably priced. I would recommend it without reservation.


Mary Lou, Milwaukee, WI

I just wanted to tell you what a life saver your product was to me. My daughter had head lice for at least 4 months straight. We tried everything to get rid of it, but nothing worked. We did a few of the over the counter remedies. Then out of desperation, we tried the mayo and shower cap remedy for 1 week. Nothing worked. Can't tell you how many times I washed and boiled everything and purchased new hair accessories.

But thanks to your product, after 2 weeks, she didn't have lice anymore and it's been about 3 months, and I keep checking, but she finally doesn't have any lice. I couldn't be more relieved. She was so willing to try your remedy, but I have to admit she was getting crabby by the end of the 2 weeks. But it worked. Thank you so much.


Elaine, Rochester, New York

Our daughter Amelia, age 8, has hair to her knees - 3 feet of hair! Our first go-round last fall was a classic: 4 commercial over the counter treatments, 1 prescription treatment, and still the little critters were running around her head (and eventually mine too!). Plus the consultations with the SO caring pharmacists: "Cut it!" You could sooner cut off her leg!

Your Head Lice Cure worked, and we were thrilled! Now, months later, we'll be putting it to the test again (and I'll be having a little chat with the folks at the Y). I have enough solution left to get us going, so will be reordering shortly.


Mary Wooten Riley, Plano, TX

Dear Diane and Darren,

Absolute Head Lice Cure saved my sanity.

I was at work about ten months ago when I got the call from my daughter's Day Care. Mary, you need to come and pick up Nicole, she has head lice. I was mortified, how could my precious girl have head lice. I picked her up from the Day Care, went to the drug store and bought the standard Lice Treatment. I went home treated Nicole's hair, my son's hair and even my hair. I comb her hair out using the nit comb; I washed all her bedding with hot water and bleach. I sprayed all the mattresses, couches and pillows we had in the house with the insecticide provided in the Lice kit I bought. I treated Nicole's hair again seven days later just like the instructions told me. I check her head everyday and the lice and nits were gone. I was relieved that this nightmare was over.

But it wasn't over, three months after the first incident I received another call from the Day Care that Nicole had Lice again. How could this happen to her again? What was I going to do? I picked her up at the Day Care, went to the drug store, this time I choose an all-natural treatment. I went home applied the treatment, combed her hair with the nit comb and cleaned my house again from top to bottom. I treated her hair again seven days later and I though for sure that I had solved the problem.

Three more months went by. My children went to spend a month in the summer with their Father. He dropped the children off after their time with him and he told me that he discovered lice in her hair again while they were vacationing in Florida. He accused me of not taking care of the children, that the lice had to be coming from my home. I told him if that was the case why did she get them while she was with him. I made an appointment with our family doctor and took Nicole in so Dr. Lensing could check her hair. He checked her hair and told me that he could find no live lice or nits. He also told me that lice prefer clean hair not dirty hair. That she had to be getting re-infested by another child at the day care. Nicole received a clean bill of health from him and this time I just knew the nightmare was over.

One month went by and I received yet another call from the Day Care. Nicole has lice yet again. I was beginning to think that every time Nicole scratches her head they automatically assumed it was lice. I picked her up at the Day Care, treated her hair and cleaned the house. I retreated her seven days later and then took her to my hair dresser and had her long beautiful hair cut to her shoulders. I took her back to the doctor for him to check her hair one more time and he did not find anything lice or nits. I though to myself we have finally got this problem licked.

Two months past and guess what? Yes, I received another call from the Day Care. Nicole has just started Kindergarten and I did not want her to be labeled there. I signed on to the Internet and started searching for another answer to my problem. I signed on to your website and read your story and thought to myself I am not alone with this problem. I read the other testimonials and knew that Absolute Head Lice Cure was going to solve my problem. I order it immediately and paid to have it expressed mailed to me. I couldn't wait for the product to arrive. I received it, read the directions and immediately applied it to Nicole's hair.

The next morning I washed her hair with the shampoo, comb it out and I saw the dead lice. I repeated the treatment two days later. On Friday, Nicole was going to her Father's to spend the weekend, I gave him a container of the treatment, shampoo and the directions on how they were to be used. I may him promise to treat Nicole's hair on Saturday. For the next three weeks Nicole faithfully received her treatments whether she was at home or at her Father's house. It was a miracle, no lice, no nits and no pesticides!

I was cautiously optimistic that this time we had the problem licked. A month went by and no call from the Elementary School or Day Care. Nicole was happy and healthy and had not scratched her head since the first night I applied the Absolute Head Lice cure.

It is going on three months since we used your wonderful product and Nicole has been lice free the whole time. I want to thank you for helping me solve this problem. I have told everyone I know about Absolute Head Lice Cure. I told the Director of our Day Care what finally solved our problem and she said that she would pass my recommendation on to other parents dealing with this problem. If my story will help others, you are free to use it and any other information you need. Thanks again for everything.


Mary Wooten Riley, Plano, TX


Charlotte the Realtor Florida

When I first discovered that I had head lice, I thought I would die of embarassment. Even going to the store to purchase the Rid was embarassing. After 4 applications of Rid and 1 application of prescription product from my doctor, I still had head lice. My hair was long a thick. I could barely get the nit comb through it. My whole head was sore. How could this happen to me. I'm 49 years old. Where did I get them from?

Then I went on the internet to look up facts about head lice and discovered your web site. After reading about your product, I ordered it. Using your product was a dream after using the others. No pulling of hair and sore scalp from trying to comb out the eggs. No washing down of sheets, towels, chairs, etc. I have now recommended your product to 3 other people. It's great!

Thank you."


Free of head lice in Orlando

Living in Orlando FL. it seemed our four children were continuing to come home with lice. We spent a pretty penny on over the counter products and it did not cure the lice and our bank account was dwindling. We even went to our family doctor and was given a medical percription for a cure that failed as well. Your product is a miracle and I wish our local schools would purchase your product and or advertise to the parents. Thank you for your product and we will continue to spread the word to family and friends.


Rita Lambertville, NJ

Dear Darren and Diane, you can use this on your web page, first names only, town and state are fine. We found the product to work as promised and thus far have had no recurrance. We were particulary pleased with your accessibility and responsiveness. The candid discussions we had with you were both supportive and helpful. Thanks again for your consideration and for producing a product that is both safe and effective. The typically reccomended over-the-counter chemicals did nothing to solve the problem.

Best regards,

Rita Lambertville, NJ


Denise Fordland, MO.

When our daughter came home with lice from bible school we didn't know the first thing about how to treat it. So we asked our local health dept. and they sent us to the nearest wal-mart to get the nix or Rid shampoo and etc. We sprayed our house thoroughly and washed everything in sight and 7days later after the first Nix shampoo we still found bugs in her hair and she couldn't go to her sunday school class and we were embarrased. So a friend of ours from church came home with us and we bagged and sprayed everything and we shampooed the second time with the nix and my friend pulled as many nits out as she could see. We thought we had it under control but still 7days later the bugs and nits were still there.

So exhausted and with nothing to lose I went to the internet for help. I thought maybe I could find out what we were not doing to get rid of the lice. That's when I found your terrific cure. My husband thought I was crazy to try something off the internet but after seeing results after just 3 treatments we were ecstatic. We had the whole family use it and my twins are just 3 and they thought it was fun to wear the shower caps every other night. After the 11 treatments we were proud to say no more lice and we still have plenty of solution to do this again if it were to ever happen again. In just two months we were rid of those nasty things and would have been done a lot faster if we had tried your product first. My husband is now a firm believer.


Vicki in Illinois

Hi, I used the Head Lice Cure on my children. After trying lots of other things, like the over the counter stuff, and mayonnaise etc., It was really pleasant to use. It was not strong, or offensive. The children hardly knew it was on. We used blue pads to protect our pillows at night.

Thank you for providing something that actually works! I used it confidently, knowing that I was doing great harm to the lice, but not to my children.


Lisa Sowell, California

Hello. You can use my name and state and my testimonial.

I'm happy to share my experience. My two daughters had head lice for over two years. It was horrible. We did everything, just like everyone else--the poison shampoo, greasy home-made formulas, shower caps, hours and hours of nitpicking, and cutting their hair to make it easier to deal with. They were embarrassed to spend the night with friends and had to be so careful about everything from hair ribbons to softball helmets. I know it bothered them. We all felt hopeless because we just couldn't get rid of it.

The solution worked better than I'd hoped and now they are almost completely nit free. There hasn't been any live lice since we started the treatment. It took awhile, but it was painless and definately worth it. I had forgotten how beautiful my girls' hair was because it always looked so dingy with the lice infestation. It is so nice to see it shining in the sunlight. I would highly recommend your product. Thank you!

P.S. My daughter kept asking why God made lice. I have to wonder that myself!


Teresa, KC. MO.

I read every testimonial that was currently posted at the time. Everyone sounded like honest, sincere people who had actually used the product. These statements were what helped persuade me to give it a try. I had looked at various other products on other web sites and was very leery to try any. I'm glad I took the chance on yours. We used the product as directed, and actually a little more than directed. We used it every night the first week, and every other night the second week. There actually were no remaining eggs or anything seen after that, but continued to use a few times more just as a precaution. Life is back to normal after having my 14 year old devastated over the problem. I would recommend the product over any of the expensive over the counter products we had tried. Thanks again


Melissa Randall, Plantation, Florida

We are finished using the Head Lice Cure and were thrilled with the results.

My daughter has had head lice before and we used all the old remedies. We tried over the counter shampoos, vaseline and all that picking. When I found your site I was so excited that I placed an order right away. I was skeptical but hopeful. And when I told my daughter that I wouldn't have to pick through her long hair for hours on end, she was excited too.

We used the Head Lice Cure as directed for 3 weeks, every other day, sometimes every third day. We are now lice free and have been for over a week. I thank you so much for letting us purchase your product. I have lots left over for future use and will not hesitate to recommend you to all of my friends and family, if they ever should need it.

Head Lice Cure was a miracle! No more lice! No more picking! And best of all, no poison on my child's head!

Thanks so much.


Fairfax, VA

You may use my testimonial, my name, my city and state for any of your advertising." "It works!!! life is good!!!!!"


Dave Fisher Niles, MI

I must tell you that I was skeptical. I had spent all summer using over the counter and prescription treatments. I had washed every article of clothing, bedding and every stuffed animal we owned. I had vaccummed every rug, used insectide sprays and spend hours and hours picking nits. Each time I crossed my fingers, hoping it was my last time.

Every time, in about a week, we found new nits and the whole process started again.

In desperation, I turned to an alternative treatment. Your cure is amazing. No nit picking, no extensive cleaning, just oil up every other night and wash out the next morning. We were even joking about "nit nights" when everyone took a turn bending over a tub and receiving a treatment.

It has been 2 weeks since our last treatment. I think we are lice-free. I cannot thank you enough, my peace of mind and precious time are restored. Thank you.



The product was great. It actually worked! The best part was not having to fight with my 6 year old to pull out every single egg. We tried everything, from "home remidies" to perscriptions and I'm not sure if we missed one single egg or if none of it worked, but I know she continued to have them. We ended up cutting her hair to make it easier. Still didn't work. Finally, something that did work and I'm very thankful for it. Thank you. 


Wanda Lopez

"I finished the treatment on my daughter just before she left for Oregon to spend the summer with her father. I asked her several times on the phone whether she felt that the lice were gone, she just couldn't commit.

Well she has been back now for over a month and haven't had any problems, so I think we can safely say that they are gone! Thank you. 


"I can only say that your product saved my life because I was getting suicidal. You talk about children all the time but people never talk about us poor adults. It is nearly impossible to do treatments on yourself and nothing worked. After 3 nights of your product they were completely gone after nearly 2 months of trying. Bless you!!


Jenny, Troy, OH

"Hello! Just wanted to say "thank you" for the Head Lice Cure! It worked like magic! We dealt with the lice for almost 3 months (what a nightmare)! Being a hairdresser I thought I would be able to get rid of them easily...was I ever wrong! We tried everything and nothing seemed to work longer than a week or two. Not to mention my 6 year old hated me nit-picking. We tried the Head Lice Cure, and now we're free from lice YEAH!!! The best part was no nit-picking, no washing sheet everyday, no storing stuffed animals away! You will be the first place I tell my customers who are dealing with lice to go. Thanks again for saving my sanity!! You may use my letter. 


Angela O'Neill, Parma, OH

I would like to say that the product was easy to use and convenient because you only used it every other day and put it on at night. We had already started using Nix and when I received your product, we used it to make sure if there were nits in our hair, they would die once they had hatched. As of right now, I haven't seen anything more come about. I had many questions when we first started using your product, and the people I spoke to were so very nice and helpful, and they were very patient with me(since I called alot.)

What I would say to others with this problem is DO NOT PANIC!! I found lice on my daughter on Monday morning. I was up from that morning until about 4am Wednesday morning washing clothes, sheets, cleaning, etc... By Thursday I was so exhausted and worn down. Pace yourself with everything you do. The Friday night after that is when I ordered the product, and I received it on Tuesday the following week. By that time I was grateful it had arrived. Well, like I said so far so good. I want to thank you and your staff for being so patient and understanding with all my questions. Thank you again.


Laura Gaines, Sarasota, Fl

Hi Darren, Wanted to let you know that I ordered your head lice cure back in April and began using is immediately on my children. Your product works GREAT!!! I had used NIX for almost one month, washed everything in site daily, followed by the awful mayonnaise treatment and absolutely none of it worked. I followed your instructions, and the problem disappeared. No picking of nits, no washing of bedclothes, etc.

We only did 8 treatments as I was out of town for the week and my husband forgot to do the remaining 3; but it has been a little over three weeks now and no sign of the nasty lice. I will be recommending your product to my pediatrician as they are the ones who advised me to use NIX, picks, clothes washing and mayonnaise if all else failed. Hopefully, in the future you'll be receiving more requests for your product from Sarasota. Anyway, thanks again and my suggestion to you and your wife is to go commercial with this product. There is nothing out there like it and it really works! Thanks again... it was a lifesaver.


Carolyne Paradiso, Lawton OK

Thank you for inventing this stuff. I spent over $100 and three weeks and could not get rid of the lice. Out of desparation, I started searching the web for an alternative to the pharmacy solutions. I found your site. It worked beautifully. Thank you.


Traci D.

Dear Head lice Cure, Thank you for your child friendly cure! Our family had been struggling to beat lice for a couple weeks when our doctor told us to put on Nix and leave it on overnite. I read on the bottle and it said never to leave on more then 10 minutes. I cried cause it said may cause brain damage and so I looked for another way and found you. Thank you so much now we are lice free and without the fuss. I tried to post this on your site and could not do it. Once again it works and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. Thank you!


Todd and Carrie Carden, Canton, OH

HI I want to tell you that we really used the product. We used the product on our 3 daughters after several months of head lice. In 3 weeks they were gone and we are so thrilled words cannot describe it. We had tried everything the pesticide based shampoos, petroleum jelly and even mayonaise all of which did not work. I was thrilled to find a product that wasn't pesticide based I was beginning to worry what all those products were doing to our children. HeadLice Cure really works and I have recommended it to our school nurse and the principal so they could tell others about it. What made it even better was I didnt have to ban favorite stuffed animals to a life in a garbage bag tucked away in the attic. This made my girls happier because some of those animals are treasured to them.

I was so sick of those little critters I was ready to shave their heads, I truly was at the end of my rope. How many times did I have to pick through their hair and pick out nits. I hated it and I know my girls did too. My oldest girls were tired of being sent home from school and I felt that they were being embarassed and humiliated by the constant checks for lice. Frankly I was dreading the ringing of the phone telling me to come and get them. Plus trying to get a 2 year old to sit still was a chore in itself, I didnt have to worry about that anymore just applying the product at night and washing it out the next day was FANTASTIC.

THANK YOU AND BLESS YOU for all the work you have done to help us and the many others out there confronted with this problem.


The Sherrie L., Lumberton, TX

Hi, I am sooooo glad I found ya'll on the internet. We were not having any luck with the over the counter products, We would use them and still find live lice on our heads the next day! (ugh). I was spending 5 hrs (on some days) just pulling the nits out of my daughters hair. This is very time consuming and nerve racking. Also you feel so alienated from your friends and family because your afraid you'll give them the bugs! (Not to mention my daughter having to miss school).

I looked up "lice" on the "net" and read your story and information on your product. I had already spent over $100.00 in over the counter products and sprays. I figured we had nothing to lose (but out lice) ha! So I ordered your product immediately. Your product is so easy to use. There were 3 of us in our family with the bugs in our hair. We started the treatments as soon as we received it in the mail.

It was so nice not having to look for nits or wash bed linens or spray all the furniture. Even though it took a period of three weeks to complete the treatment it was well worth it! This product is truly a miricle! The only side effect I had was dry scalp but that might have been from some of the other products I had used before this. We are soooo grateful. Also so I want to mention the great support we got from you. Any time I had a question (and I had a few) you always answered my letters promptly and made me feel better about the whole situation.



Bonita Kinney, Firth, NE

Thank you for the note. I want to tell you thank you from our entire family. We battled lice for about a year and were at our whits end! We can finally say it's gone. We especially liked not picking the nits. There was never a chance that we could get them all. Also, not bagging all laundry and toys. Don't waste money on products that just aren't going to work. We tried everything on the counter, along with mayonaise, olive oil, tea tree oil, a mixture of oils, vineagar, etc. This is well worth the money.

We saw results after one day. The itching lessened considerably. Three weeks is definitely worth going through to get rid of these pests! There are five of us and we order four sets just in case we were reinfested. We didn't even use up one whole set on all of us in three weeks. It's awesome! Our hair was nice and soft too. (I did notice that after the lice was gone, our scalps got very flaky, but the shampoo said it was very drying. We will eventually get rid of that I'm sure. I would rather have flakes than lice.)

Thank you again..


Joyce Williams, Loysville, PA 17047

Good Morning! Yes, we have tried your product and the results have been very good, I was not sure that anything could rid us of the problem of head lice, especially with it being so prevelent in our schools in thisarea. the product worked easily and my daughter (who's five) did not haveto sit for hours while I picked out nits. This caused great stress on both of us in the past and I do not want to go through that again..I did purchase shower caps to keep from staining my towels and she justsleeps with it over her head it worked great...(people need to make sure they get the right size shower cap so it doesn't come down over your childs face..)

The best things about the product is ease of use and natural ingredients that normally will not hurt someone not like those harsh chemicals the only thing that was a problem was I am very fair and my skin is sensitive to alot so I did experience irriatation on my hands from using it on my daughters hair

People should know that there are alternatives to using harsh chemicals on our children and after researching some of the prolonged effects I will never use a harsh chemical on my daughter again..


Linda, IN

The product is fantastic. My grandaughter came home from nursery school with more than pictures. Her mother used a product in the pharmacy, bagged the animals etc. and still they existed. She was so frustrated and depressed over the situation that I went to the internet to find information. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You saved the sanity of the whole family. I am sorry everyone doesn't know about your product. I will recommend it to everyone who needs it."


Lori Lewis, Savannah, Georgia

Why hasn't anyone else picked up on this. I am very angry that these big companies are selling harmful products for kids to use to get rid of lice and yet no one really knows how bad the pesticides are! I am outraged! I love your lice cure and it has done WONDERS for my family sanity. Thank you very much.


Tim Trenton, Sedro Wooley,Washington

Interesting concept for getting rid of lice. It worked on our two boys and I'll buy more if my girl comes down with those damn things!


Bill Trinowski, Montebello, CA

I can't believe it worked like you said but, it did! Very cool! Thanks


Joe Cappiccione, Long Island, NY

Thanks for the lice medicine. It worked on my child.


Gearald Reef, Missisoula, MT

Best stuff ever!


John Nesius, 34, Fremont, CA

I appreciate the thought that someone was actually able to come up with something against these bugs. The bugs suck and your stuff works!


Lisa Sanders, Lubbock, TX

The best thing is that I didn't have to nit-pick! How do you do it?


Jan Underwood, Crystal Falls, MD

I felt it was too expensive at first. We were running out of ideas and I tried your remedy, and to our amazement, it worked like a charm! Considering what I have paid for various other lice remedies, yours wasn't expensive at all


Terri Woodrow, Oakland, CA

I have heard terrible things about the bug-killing ingredients that are put into other items for head lice. Yours is completely safe AND IT WORKS!


Sarah Funderburg, Mesa, AZ

The natural ingrediants made me feel good about using it on my children.


Laura Calton, Monon, IN

I was embarrassed to find my 5th grader brought home lice. How humiliating to walk into a pharmacy and buy an item in our SMALL town. Buying it on the internet makes my humiliation fade and at the same time I can get the job done right for my children


Rose Nehring, West Chester, Ohio

Didn't know how dangerous regular head lice shampoos with Lindane were until more for my kids! Next time I am ordering from you!


Morgan S. 7yrs. old, Liberal, Kansas

My head does not itch now and I don't have to cut my hair. My daddy is happy too.


Janet Page, Burlington, Vermont

My daughter was worried about people finding out about her lice. With your formula, we put it on her before bed and washed it out in the mornings and nobody knew a thing about it!