6-ATTACK-PACK Head Lice Cure kit contains 6 (SIX) 16oz bottles, instructions, guarantee, and a dispenser cap

lice egg plusTHE PROTECTOR Linen Spray (free USPS Priority shipping) 

lice egg plusLICE BLOCK SHAMPOO ADDITIVE (free USPS Priority shipping)

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6-ATTACK-PACK Head Lice Cure




What is it?


Absolute Head Lice Cure is a proprietary mixture of natural oils that kill live lice, and dissolve the nits/eggs for a complete head lice treatment with no harmful pesticides.


It is created by infusing different botanical oils together at various tempuratures to create a safe formula for humans but a deadly force for head lice and nits.

While it is made of natural and botanical oils, it does not contain botanical oils that are known to be a hazard for humans. We do not have Tea Tree Oil in it due to contraindications for small children and pregnant women.


6-ATTACK-PACK Head Lice Cure kit contains 6 (SIX) 16oz bottles, instructions, guarantee, and a dispenser cap.




How many people per application?


One kit is designed for eith 3-4 people with thick, shoulder-length hair or 2 peeople with very long, thick hair (to their waist). 




What are the ingredients?


We have a proprietary way of mixing the oils. This we discovered through trial and error. The ingredients alone are ineffective without proper emulsification and fusion methods. We use varying tempuratures on certain oils to cause a reaction that creates the final head lice solution. The ingredients are listed on the bottle and are as follows:

Jojoba Oil ~ Simmondsia chinensis 
Lavender Oil ~ Lavandula Officinalis 
Orange Blossom Oil ~ Orange Blossom Oil 
Peppermint Oil ~ Mentha Piperita 
Lemongrass Oil ~ Cymbopogon citratus 
Rosemary Oil ~ Rosmarinum Officinalis 
Soybean Oil ~ Soy Methyl Esters 
Mineral Oil ~ Mineral Oil/White Oil 




Why don't I have to nit-pick with your product?


This formula makes an intolerable environment for lice. The lice attach eggs (nits) to the hair follicle with a super glue that is VERY hard to remove. Picking them is a horrible experience as you have to check every strand of hair and then try to pull them off with tweezers. Our formula waits for lice to hatch and creates an environment uninhabitable. Eventually, you wind up brushing them out of your hair. If it makes you feel better to pick them all out, then go ahead but it is neither necessary nor recommended with this treatment.




What is the expiration date of the solution?


Our solution has a 14 year shelf life. Just shake it up and pour. Many people order preemptivlely as a head lice first aid kit.



The Protector


Linen Spray with disinfectant

Head Lice • Nits • Bed Bugs • Spiders • Ants

The Protector is a brand new household spray specifically designed to protect you and your loved ones from head lice and nits (it repels other creepy, crawly insects and bugs too). This spray also contains disinfectants that will help in keeping your living areas clean and safe.

Spray it on pillows, sheets, couches, chairs, play areas and any other surface to keep you safe from head lice. It has a faint fresh Downy Scent®.

The Protector is made from natural oils and has NO cancer causing pesticides like those used in other brands. It is safe to use on your most precious items but it is deadly to lice, nits, and even kills 99% of all bacteria!

The Protector comes in an 8 oz spray bottle.



Lice Block


Lice Block is a brand new shampoo additive that uses natural oils to repel head lice. It is specifically designed to protect you after you have completed a treatment program that kills head lice and nits.It ships with a built in dropper. You put one drop per ounce of your favorite shampoo or conditioner. Then use your shampoo regularly to repel lice. For example, if you have a 16 oz bottle of your favorite shampoo/conditioner, put 16 drops of Lice Block Shampoo Additive in it (you can put more in but not less), shake well, and use your shampoo regularly. That's it!

Someone gave you head lice. You may have gotten rid of it but the people you are in contact with may still have it. This makes it very risky for you. You can easily become re-infected unless you use this lice repellent. While this repellent does not cure head lice, it keeps them at bay and discourages them from re-infesting you or your loved ones.

Lice Block Shampoo Additive comes in an 10 ml dropper bottle. This one little bottle will last for many months if used regularly as an additive to your shampoo

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It works

27th Apr 2016

It is a lengthily process (takes 21 days) but it works. It is better than having to chop all of my daughters hair off. Even though she was not thrilled with having to wash her hair so much after the treatment...she was glad to not have to cut it as her hair is very long. Plus even if you cut long hair there is no guarantee that you will get all the nits out. I highly recommend this product. I used more than I thought...but I still have two bottles left. I never used the auxiliary products...only the hair stuff. Fortunately even though I have long hair and my daughter is always in my bathroom using stuff (she is 13) I never got lice. If I had I would have ordered more and used this product. It smells pleasant and goes on easy.

I use Mousse with it

Hilda on 13th Jun 2015

I did use your products My husband got rid of the lice a lot faster then I maybe it is because of my hair it is a lot longer I use the the lice block shampoo additive with my pantene mousse and just add it to my routine when I use my hot rollers

It is high quality product

JohnnyU on 30th Nov 2013

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