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Information for a perfect order

This page is designed to help you in the ordering process. There are several ways that you can order our head lice solution.

We will outline them here and help you with any questions.


What would you like to order:


Each Full Head Lice Cure kit contains 4 (four) 16oz bottles, instructions, guarantee, and a dispenser cap.


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6-ATTACK-PACK Head Lice Cure kit contains 6 (SIX) 16oz bottles, instructions, guarantee, and a dispenser cap.


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lice egg plus6-ATTACK-PACK Head Lice Cure kit contains 6 (SIX) 16oz bottles, instructions, guarantee, and a dispenser cap

lice egg plus THE PROTECTOR Linen Spray (free USPS Priority shipping)

lice egg plus LICE BLOCK SHAMPOO ADDITIVE (free USPS Priority shipping)

You save over $10 over buying separately


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Single Bottle (16oz. sample)

A single bottle is not enough to treat a full infestation. Order this if you need a sample or need just a little more to finish the job.


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Do-It-Yourself Pre-Mix (10ml)

This is just the active ingredients from our Head Lice Cure shown above.

You mix it at home with mineral oil or baby oil.

Find out more about it here.


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Read more about the difference between the full kit and the Pre-Mix Remedy here.
Or you can


with disinfectant

The Protector is a a brand new household spray specifically designed to protect you and your loved ones from head lice and nits. Spray it on pillows, sheets, couches, chairs, play areas and any other surface to keep you safe from head lice. 8 oz bottle.

More information (pop-up window).


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Post Treatment Maintenance

Don't get re-infested! Lice Block is a shampoo additive that uses natural oils to repel head lice.

Designed to protect you after you have completed a treatment program that kills head lice and nits. 10 ml dropper bottle.

More information (pop-up window).


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If you are HAVING TROUBLE ORDERING on the internet, email: help@licehelp.com or 888-LICEHELP


Credit Cardcredit card pics

Security of credit card ordersAdd to shopping cart





Right above this sentence or at the bottom of this page you will find the buttons that will start the process of ordering by VISA, MasterCard, and Discover. Some people are familiar with ordering by credit card over the internet, and should proceed here.

If you are uncomfortable with how it works of how private information is transferred over the Internet without hackers or some criminals getting your Credit card numbers, let us try to explain how it works:

For your security, we use a secure server for you to place an order, which keeps your personal data and credit card information safe from prying eyes. A secure server uses a military grade, 128 bit encryption technology. This encryption is constantly changing by way of a "key" on how to decode the information. It is said that no one computer can decipher what was sent without spending years and years of computer time to break down one simple form. If you are interested in learning how secure your data is, take a look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Https for a detailed explanation as to how data is encrypted and how only the receiving computer has the key to decode what was sent.

You also have the option of choosing PayPal to process your credit cards. It is still secure, it is just a different method of secure payment.

Ok, you are ready to order with your credit card..click on the "Buy Now" Button


Checkscredit card pics

Mail or on the Internet

Personal checks are better if you do not have a credit card or just prefer to pay in that fashion. The downside is that you have to write it, mail it and pay for postage, wait for us to receive it, deposit it, wait for it to "clear" the bank before your order is released. This can be a lengthy process and if you are contending with head lice now, waiting may not be an option.

The other option is to submit it through the Internet company PayPal. This way you do not have to mail it and wait fur us to deposit it. It still has to "clear" the bank but it will eliminate several steps. PayPal is owned by eBay and processes credit cards and checks. It is very convenient way to pay for things on the internet. They are very large (because they are well trusted) and secure.


Paying by check over the Internet

Choose the "Buy Now" button below. Select the number of kits, shipping, state, then choose the "GO TO PAYMENTS" button. Fill out your billing details then choose "CONTINUE". Then choose the button "PAYMENT by PAYPAL" and hit "CONTINUE". PayPal will do the rest. If you do not already have a PayPal account, sign up for one and you will be able to pay by check on thousands of internet items if you like. It is safe and secure and you do not have to use a credit card.

Pay by check over the internet:


Regular Postal Mail

If you still prefer to mail your check in, here is how to do that.

Select the "CALCULATE TOTAL" button below to find out what your final total is (with shipping, taxes, etc.) and print out 2 copies. One for us and one for you.

Then simply mail your check and a copy of the totaled order to:

North Coast, Inc.
P.O. BOX 1639
Valparaiso, IN

Don't forget. You must include:

A copy of your totals or Exactly what you ordered

Your signed check

Your shipping address

Your phone number

(in case we need to contact you)

We are unable to accept Canadian or other foreign checks due to fluctuating currency values.



Money Orders

Better than checks

Follow the instructions above for Personal Checks except that there will be no wait for the certified check/money order to clear. When we receive it, the kit will ship.

For convenience, the Post Office has Money Orders. Just run to your local Post Office, buy a money order and mail it right there. Wal-Mart also has inexpensive Money Orders.



Telephone Orders

Call our toll free order line

If you do not feel comfortable with leaving your credit card information on the internet, we offer a toll free number for you to use.

Give us a call with your order. It costs you nothing to call.


toll free


Image description




Fast or Faster

We offer several different shipping options for you.

We exclusively use the US Postal Service for all our shipping needs. If you wish to use another shipping service, email us and we will do our best to accomodate you.

parcel post

Parcel Post ~ 4-10 day shipping

USPS Priority

Priority Mail ~ 2 day shipping

Priority Mail is our most poplular method. The US Postal service does not guarantee 2 day
delivery but we have found them most consistant for the price to service ratio.


Express Mail ~ Overnight shipping

Express mail guarantees their delivery time but it is not always overnight service. You must live within a certain distance from a major air terminal. Check the guaranteed times and use the ORIGIN ZIP code as 46383

Priority InternationalPriority International

Canadian/International Shipping ~ customs dependent

Priority International


Due to the weight of the product, shipping overseas is extremely expensive. We highly recommend you buy just the active ingredients that we offer for overseas customers. Go to http://www.headliceremedy.com to read more about it.