Lice Help Concentrate is a small bottle of all natural, botanical products that kills head lice and nits.

ORDER NOW Lice Help Concentrate Treats 6-7 people FREE SHIPPING


Treats 6-7 people. We realized that the full kit can be expensive. We tried to figure out an alternative so that it is cheaper but still just as effective. The main costs for us are buying bottles and massive amounts of ingredients, and big boxes and shipping supplies. Also by the time we are done the product weighs 4+lbs per box and it is NOT cheap to ship.

Lice Help Concentrate is the active ingredients found in our flagship product LICE HELP FULLY MIXED KIT and it arose out of a need to cheaply ship ship our main, fully-mixed product overseas. Head Lice Cure is almost 5 lbs. and expensive to ship overseas. In contrast Lice Help Concentrate is 4oz. and easily ships anywhere.

It took a while but it finally dawned on us to release the product domestically. We decided that if we could get the hard-to-find, specially heat activated active ingredients and put them in a small bottle we could save you a lot of money.

All you have to do is buy the Lice Help Concentrate. We ship it and you dilute it with mineral oil (other names:baby oil, white oil, liquid paraffin) that you probably have at home or are available cheaply near you. You do the work. We save on packaging and a lot of shipping. It gets to you in 2-3 days (domestically). Everybody is happy.

So we decided that if we could get the hard-to-find active ingredients (THE EXACT SAME ONES IN HEAD LICE CURE) and put them in a small bottle (LICE HELP CONCENTRATE) we could save you a lot of money. All you have to do is buy the active ingredients that we will send and dilute it with a non-active ingredient that you probably have at home!

You do the work. We save on packaging and a lot of shipping. It gets to you in 2-3 days! Everybody is happy.


We have a proprietary way of mixing the oils. This we discovered through trial and error. The ingredients alone are ineffective without proper emulsification and fusion methods. We use varying tempuratures on certain oils to cause a reaction that creates the final head lice solution. The ingredients are listed on the bottle and are as follows:

Jojoba Oil ~ Simmondsia chinensis 
Lavender Oil ~ Lavandula Officinalis 
Orange Blossom Oil ~ Orange Blossom Oil 
Peppermint Oil ~ Mentha Piperita 
Lemongrass Oil ~ Cymbopogon citratus 
Rosemary Oil ~ Rosmarinum Officinalis 
Soybean Oil ~ Soy Methyl Esters 
Mineral Oil ~ Mineral Oil/White Oil 

Self-care action plan

Using Lice Help Concentrate will kill both lice and nits for you. Without nit-picking or any of the other problems related to it. The Lice Help Concentrate that we have here on this site is specially formed so that you do not have to pick nits. It kills the head lice AND kills the nits.

"We were running out of ideas and I tried your concentrate, and to our amazement, it worked like a charm! Considering what I have paid for various other lice remedies, yours wasn't expensive at all"
Jan Underwood, Crystal Falls, Maryland

Usually the most frustrating process of head lice is getting rid of the nits. If the nots hatch, you have head lice all over again in about a month. It is desperately important to kill the nits. Let Lice Help Concentrate do it for you!


What you will love:

  • No nit picking formula
  • Non Pesticide
  • You mix it up at home
  • Mixes with Mineral Oil or Baby oil
  • Inexpensive
  • No More harmful shampoos
  • No More embarrassment


Lice Help Concentrate is a scientifically developed head lice formula that you mix with common mineral oil (already mixed product here). It is easy and inexpensive to mix, easy to treat and easy to remove (you use common dishwashing liquid!) It kills head lice and their nits - so you do not have to nit pick. There are no dangerous pesticides like those found in "natural" head lice solutions - although ours is natural.

We offer no crazy head lice remedies like putting mayonnaise, olive oil, or petroleum jelly on your child's head.

Price?....well, how about $3.33 per person!


This formula makes an intolerable environment for lice. The lice attach eggs (nits) to the hair follicle with a super glue that is VERY hard to remove. Picking them is a horrible experience as you have to check every strand of hair and then try to pull them off with tweezers. Our formula waits for lice to hatch and creates an environment uninhabitable. Eventually, you wind up brushing them out of your hair. If it makes you feel better to pick them all out, then go ahead but it is neither necessary nor recommended with this treatment.



Our solution has a 14 year shelf life. Just shake it up and pour. Many people order preemptivlely as a head lice first aid kit.

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23rd Jun 2017

The only product after months of wasting money that actually works! Its a little messy but works wonders! Highly reccommend and i now always keep it on hand.

didn't get a chance to use it...

12th Apr 2016

come to find out it's essential oils in the Lice Help that I mixed together from research on my own while i waited for Lice Help mail time. cured the lice myself with the spray i made before i received Lice Help in the mail. but now have LiceHelp on hand to use in the future...hopefully not, but i have it. also, website stated that there's a discount for using PayPal. I used PayPal but did not get the discount and didn't have time to call to get dispute the misleading information.

This stuff works!!

Cindy McD on 4th Nov 2015

We've had to use this twice in the last 6 years. It's so much easier to just use this than to treat, comb out, pick nits, etc for over a week. We've heard from so many people who have treated and thought they got all the nits, only to get reinfested with lice because of the nits they missed! This product prevents reinfestation!

At last a product that works without chemicals!

Germaine on 29th Nov 2014

I have 5 daughters with waist length hair. The first time lice came into our home it was a nightmare. Go forward 8 years and we found it again, but this time we found Head Lice Remedy. It made our house a happier place to be with lice right away. It worked and the lice has stayed away.

Works quickly and smells great!

Angie on 20th Feb 2014

I found this product after trying OTC remedies that contained pesticides and did not work!!! We applied this solution as directed and the lice were gone with no need to wash bedding or quarantine toys :-)