LICE HELP FULLY MIXED KIT -- Head Lice Cure kit contains 4 (four) 16oz bottles, instructions, guarantee, and a dispenser cap. 


What is it?


Absolute Head Lice Cure is a proprietary mixture of natural oils that kill live lice, and dissolve the nits/eggs for a complete head lice treatment with no harmful pesticides.

It is created by infusing different botanical oils together at various temperatures to create a safe formula for humans but a deadly force for head lice and nits.

While it is made of natural and botanical oils, it does not contain botanical oils that are known to be a hazard for humans. We do not have Tea Tree Oil in it due to contraindications for small children and pregnant women.

Head Lice Cure kit contains 4 (four) 16oz bottles, instructions, guarantee, and a dispenser cap. 


How many people per application?

One kit is designed for 2 people with thick, shoulder-length hair or 1 person with very long, thick hair (to their waist). 


What are the ingredients?

We have a proprietary way of mixing the oils. This we discovered through trial and error. The ingredients alone are ineffective without proper emulsification and fusion methods. We use varying temperatures on certain oils to cause a reaction that creates the final head lice solution. The ingredients are listed on the bottle and are as follows:

Jojoba Oil ~ Simmondsia chinensis 
Lavender Oil ~ Lavandula Officinalis 
Orange Blossom Oil ~ Orange Blossom Oil 
Peppermint Oil ~ Mentha Piperita 
Lemongrass Oil ~ Cymbopogon citratus 
Rosemary Oil ~ Rosmarinum Officinalis 
Soybean Oil ~ Soy Methyl Esters 
Mineral Oil ~ Mineral Oil/White Oil 


Why don't I have to nit-pick with your product?

This formula makes an intolerable environment for lice. The lice attach eggs (nits) to the hair follicle with a super glue that is VERY hard to remove. Picking them is a horrible experience as you have to check every strand of hair and then try to pull them off with tweezers. Our formula waits for lice to hatch and creates an environment uninhabitable. Eventually, you wind up brushing them out of your hair. If it makes you feel better to pick them all out, then go ahead but it is neither necessary nor recommended with this treatment.


What is the expiration date of the solution?

Our solution has a 14 year shelf life. Just shake it up and pour. Many people order preemptivlely as a head lice first aid kit.

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stress free

4th Dec 2014

What started as a stressful situation ended with stress free attitude! Lice help rocks! That's all I can really say!

Outstanding product!

Michelle on 10th Jul 2014

By far, the best product we've found! It worked the first time, without the need for combing & without scalp irritation. We ordered the first time after more than 6 months of trying the over the counter brands first. We ordered the second time to have it on hand in the event we need it again. My kids are very active in the community with sports, youth group, drama & dance - unfortunately, there are lice outbreaks sometimes.

The best product, it really works!

Carol Daugherty on 2nd Jul 2014

I sure wish I had come across this product back in February when our bout with Head lice and nits started! The product is not cheap BUT I sure spent way more than what I did purchasing this product for the 4 months we battled these bugs. I even cut my daughters hair about 4 inches the second month! She had very long, thick, curly, blonde hair! So many late nights working on getting the nits I could not see out! I am positive that these bugs are immune to the over the counter products! We got this product followed the directions exactly and FINALLY have gotten rid of them! It has been one month and still Lice Free! Just in time for school to be out and my daughter to start her busy camp summer schedule. Thank you! Thank You, for such a wonderful product that actually WORKS and is EASY to use!

No other remedy compares!

Reyna on 30th Jun 2014

I've used this product years ago when researching for head lice cures.The all natural ingredients sold me along with reading the other testimonials. I bought this 3 to 4 times over the years when my daughter or younger siblings contacted lice. It is a pain to have to go through the hair and pick out nit by nit. But this product really does the job. I've finally found something that works!

great product, does what it says it will

12th Jun 2014

I am very happy with the purchase, however the cost was a little prohibitive to me every getting it again. I do like that they have a "lower cost" option available and hopefully I will not have to exercise that right.

So much better than chemical treatments!

Briana Steiner on 3rd Jun 2014

My daughter had gotten head lice 3 times this school year. Being a completely frustrated parent, I finally turned to the web to find out what I could do without poisoning her any more. Apparently the schools in Washington state do not send children home with head lice. This is how it has been an epidemic throughout my daughters elementary school. I bought this kit, read all the information and followed it to a tee. It works beautifully. I not only got rid of the lice, but they have not come back! I didn't have to use harsh chemicals on her anymore. This product has made our lives so much easier and we all thank you for that! I will recommend this product to anyone who is dealing with head lice!

It really works!

22nd Apr 2014

I have had to use this product on 2 different occasions in one year! Gotta love school. Anyway, I have used other products that you buy in the store. This is the BEST product! Especially knowing I did not have to put harsh chemicals on my child twice over! I HIGHLY recommend it!

Great product!

Kathy, North Carolina on 6th Nov 2013

I found this product online when I discovered that both of my sons had head lice, which had been going around their school. This was our first experience with it, and I knew that I didn't want to treat it with the pesticide products found at the drugstore. The boys though it smelled good (I'd describe it as primarily minty) and tolerated the treatment well. It caused a little rashy redness behind their ears and on their necks, but I found that if I wiped the excess off really well on those areas before they went to bed, it was no longer a problem. The very first treatment took care of any live lice, and a thorough combing removed lots of nits. After that, it's really just following through and doing the remaining 10 treatments. I'll be honest, it's a long time to treat your kids, but to me the peace of mind I got using a natural product made it worthwhile. I've recommended it to lots of friends, as well as our school nurse. Thank you for creating this great alternative to pesticide!