You can trust us.

Our guarantee is very simple. We will refund your money for the product if it doesn't
That's it.

Having said that, the guarantee that comes with the instructions was written by attorneys
and is filled with legalese. It is written because businesses have to have protection against
less-than-honest people. We can not get insurance without the guarantee written to protect
the business. We make an honest product and all we ask in return is that you be honest also.

We are very proud of the fact that we have never had to refund money because of product
failure! We have had to refund money for wrong orders, people order and the problem was not
lice (scabies), for people changing their minds, allergy concerns, but never for product failure.

All we ask is that you follow the directions and let us know if there is any troubles or
difficulties. We are here to help you solve your head lice problem. We will work with you to
ensure that the head lice and nit problem is eradicated.

Order with confidence. This product does work like it says and we have cured thousands and
thousands of people successfully. We will do the same for you...we guarantee it!

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