New Endorsement Spotlight


Meet: Samantha Long R.N.



Samantha Long (Sam or Sami) is a Registered Nurse and works at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Illinois USA in their Emergency Department. Sami graduated from Purdue University.

Her licenses are R.N. and E.C.R.N.

Sami was actually one of our patients when she was a pre-teen. She used the product and it worked wonders. Given all of her exposure to childrens afflictions, she is not concerned about head lice because she knows that we have the cure...and it works. Now, she says, if we could only invent something to cure the common cold that she keeps getting from the little ones!



Samantha at graduation. Sami is currently continuing her education and licensing.



Sami recently got to swim with the dolphins. She loves animals and children.

Samantha is a warm, wonderful and dedicated nurse who we are very proud to have the ensorsement from.


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