pharmacypoison.jpgPharmacy poisons in Head Lice Treatments

You really need to be informed as to what products are on the shelves and what pesticides they may contain.

First of all, you have to be very careful of "natural" treatments that contain seemingly
harmless pesticides made from flowers or other products. The first example is one that we
tried and bought from a health store. The product we sell has natural botanical oils but the
oils have NO known problems with humans.

The following pesticides (natural and synthetic) need to be avoided:

PYRETHRIN -- [Rid Shampoo, Rid Mousse, Clear, Pronto] Pyrethrin comes from the
chrysanthemum flower. Though naturally derived, pyrethrins are still pesticides which
have recently been banned from agricultural use in food production. The concern is that
pyrethrins can cause pneumonia, muscle paralysis, death due to respiratory failure,
vomiting, and asthma (But you can still get it in head lice treatments!).

Remember that plants can also be bad for us: heroin is made from poppy flowers, cocaine is made from
the coca plant and azalea's are extremely poisonous to humans.


PERMETHRIN -- [Rid Spray, Nix, Lyclear, Elimite] As above, can cause pneumonia,
vomiting, and asthma, muscle paralysis, death due to respiratory failure.


MALATHION -- [Lice Rid, Ovide, Derbac-M, Suleo-M, Prioderm] Malathion can
cause ... headaches, pain, numbness in extremities, dizziness, weakness, death due to
respiratory failure and seizures.


LINDANE -- [Kwell®, Kildane®, Scabene®, Bio-Well®, BBH, G-well,
Kildane® Kwildane® Thionex®] Lindane has been used for treating head lice for
many years. It is not only a nerve poison but also a known carcinogen (cancer
causing agent). Lindane is absorbed quickly through the skin.