Only the dirty kids get head lice, right?

I mean, that is what we have always heard. Well, the answer is no. Anyone can get head lice. What may surprise you is that head lice actually prefer clean, dry heads and scalps. They shy away from dirty scalps. Clean kids are actually more apt to get head lice! So, how did this rumor that the dirty kids get lice start? Read on...

This is a delicate subject. It can involve prejudice, rumor, some fact, and generalization. Keep that in mind if you chose to read on. Not everything is "black and white". There are strata and spectra. This subject is no different.

As a head lice expert at LiceHelp.com my observation has been that it is a socioeconomic issue in many cases. There are practicalities and prioritization (right or wrong) that people make. People in lower socioeconomic strata generally have to make decisions on whether to have food for everyone for the entire week or buy head lice treatments. Since head lice are a pestilence, they may take a lower priority of attack in day to day existence. After all, we are not talking about cancer or a deadly disease...it is just a bug infestation. While some people find a bug infestation unacceptable under any circumstances, others may not.

A typical scenario is that a bunch of kids in mixed socioeconomic conditions all get lice. People who are able to generally attack the lice invasion with gusto. Others do not. Rarely, it is out of laziness or poor parenting but, often it is not. In many cases, it is the "dirty" kids that keep and perpetuate lice while the people who are able, attack it with head lice treatments.

We encourage people who buy our head lice treatments to share with those less fortunate. If you have left over solution, or are able to provide for others, please consider it. When you treat everyone your child may be exposed to, you help your own children as well. Getting everyone treated and cleared of head lice is the best way to keep it at bay. When it comes to head lice, we are all in this together.

Written by: Darren Serhal 

23 year Pediculosis Expert
Owner LiceHelp.com