The Protector

Linen Spray with disinfectant

Head Lice • Nits • Bed Bugs • Spiders • Ants

The Protector is a brand new household spray specifically designed to protect you and your loved ones from head lice and nits (it repels other creepy, crawly insects and bugs too). This spray also contains disinfectants that will help in keeping your living areas clean and safe.

Spray it on pillows, sheets, couches, chairs, play areas and any other surface to keep you safe from head lice. It has a faint fresh Downy Scent®.

The Protector is made from natural oils and has NO cancer causing pesticides like those used in other brands. It is safe to use on your most precious items but it is deadly to lice, nits, and even kills 99% of all bacteria!

The Protector comes in an 8 oz spray bottle.

Protect your loved ones. $7.99 and free shipping when ordering with a any of our full kits.

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