What is it?
Post Treatment Maintenance.

Lice Block is a a brand new shampoo/conditioner additive that uses natural oils to repel head lice. It is specifically designed to protect you after you have completed a treatment program that kills head lice and nits.

How do I use it?

It ships with a built in dropper. You put one drop per ounce of your favorite shampoo or conditioner. Then use your shampoo regularly to repel lice. For example, if you have a 16 oz bottle of your favorite shampoo/conditioner, put 16 drops of Lice Block Shampoo Additive in it (you can put more in but not less), shake well, and use your shampoo regularly. That's it!

• Keep Head Lice Away 
• Keep Head Lice from returning 
• Keep Head Lice at bay 
• Keep Head Lice Gone 
• Keep Head Lice off

Protect your loved ones and yourself from head lice.

Someone gave you head lice. You may have gotten rid of it but the people you are in contact with may still have it. This makes it very risky for you. You can easily become re-infected unless you use this lice repellent. While this repellent does not cure head lice, it keeps them at bay and discourages them from re-infesting you or your loved ones.

Lice Block Shampoo Additive comes in an 10 ml dropper bottle. This one little bottle will last for many months if used regularly as an additive to your shampoo

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