This is our story... lasted over a year and was one of the most horrible things to ever happen to all of us. It wreaked havoc over our social and family life...we finally found the answer: HEAD LICE CURE

Lemons to lemonade

January 1996

One day in January, school was in session and all the kids were bundled up for the cold. We saw Nicole (our 10 yr.old daughter) scratching her head a bit but thought nothing of it because winters here in the Great Lakes area tend to be very dry.

The frequency of her scratching and the intensity became worse. We were honestly puzzled because neither my husband or I had ever experienced head lice and we didn't suspect it because it was out of our "realm-of-possibilities". Besides, we were not a dirty family....ok, the dishes aren't always clean as soon as we are done eating, and sometimes the beds go unmade but....puuleeze, we are not dirty. One evening, we were wrestling on the bed and I noticed a dark gnat like bug hanging on one of Nicole's hair strands. I took a closer look and just about screamed. Under her long hair was a group of bugs. I immediately got a sick feeling in my stomach when the realization hit me. Nicole had head lice!!!!

Immediately, I went to the pharmacy and bought the standard "remedy" on the shelf. You know, the one that say they eliminate lice after one application. After applying this solution to Nicole's head, the box suggested we pick the nits out with the special comb that came with the kit. Some of the lice died after shampooing with the drug store application, but many more were still alive and moving. We were mislead to believe that the shampoo would kill them all. After a time, we had to go back to the pharmacy to get another application since the first didn't work completely. After the second application we began the long torturous process of trying to pull off each lice- egg (nit)off of each and every individual hair shaft. The first night took us about four hours and many tears. Sitting with Nicole between my legs, I would try and separate each strand of hair, then use tweezers to pick off the little white eggs and the remaining living head lice. Nicole's head was sensitive from the scrubbing and pulling. She would cry and sob almost constantly due to the pain, while I would try to reassure her and tell her this was the only way.

Around this time we agonized over where she could have possibly gotten this condition. Head lice are highly contagious, as if the nitpicking for the last four hours wasn't enough, we grilled Nicole to try and find the source of these lice. She said she had been itching her head more than usual starting about three weeks prior. We tried to backtrack over every move she made (using others' hair brushes, wearing other children's hats or hair accessories). A child of 10 does not always remember every detail of their daily activities. About three weeks earlier, Nicole also had portraits taken at a studio where different hats and clothes are tried-on and re-used on every customer...could this have been the source? or maybe it was when she spent the night at a friends house? or did she catch it from someone at school? To this day, we do not know where the source came from.

Of course school was notified and all children were checked in Nicole's class. The humiliation and embarrassment was very real for our family. We knew that we were clean people, but what did others think? Nicole was embarrassed to talk about it. Any social life we had, ceased until this was taken care of. Every day, we spent hours and hours using any solution on the market to eliminate the eggs and live ones recently hatched. All bed linens, clothing, carpets, stuffed animals and anything that could potentially be a host for these blood-feeding pests, were cleaned time and again. Of course, as you probably know, none of the shampoos or solutions that we tried seemed to work and as we read the boxes that they came in, we realized how harmful the pesticides used in them can be. We tried EVERY bottle of solution on the shelves. I can't even begin to calculate the cost of all the products we purchased while going through this horrific ordeal.

As if all of that wasn't enough, the lice continued to return and we started the process all over. We took Nicole to the pediatrician and he prescribed a prescription strength pesticide....even that didn't work. We called the doctors office back and told them it didn't work and they said that we would either have to cut her hair off or pick EVERY single lice egg off her hair. But we did that!!!!!!!! So our next plan was to cut each individual hair that had a nit....we would partition a small part of her head with hair clips. You have to do it in one sitting or you lose your place on the head and have to start all over again After coming home from working all day I had to spend the rest of the evening picking nits. It got so bad I had to take days off of work so we could attempt to rid the nits in one sitting. They were angry with me at work (because we were so busy there) and I had to take off, my daughter was crying uncontrollably with her head cocked in frightening ways so I could pick, my husband was upset at the whole situation and the helplessness we felt, besides picking I was running up and down the stairs to wash and dry ALL bedding, clothes, and anything that was related to the textile industry. I just wanted to break down and cry...actually I did that several times throughout this turmoil. Everyone's nerves were on end and we looked like a group of monkeys picking each other instead of our usual happy family.

Just when it seemed we had figured out a solution, more lice and eggs would appear. In pure desperation, Nicole's pediatrician AGAIN prescribed a shampoo. The pharmacist filled the prescription and we later found out that the shampoo has an extremely dangerous ingredient-Lindane. This pesticide can potentially cause neurological, brain damage, and immune system deficiencies just like AIDS! Why our FDA allows this prescription to be packaged as a solution for head lice, I don't know. Even with this product, Nicole's lice did not go away!!! I was so desperate for any answer, listening to home grown solutions was a welcome relief from the drug stores EMPTY promises. My husband found sites on the web that sounded kind of odd, but we tried them anyway. For example, one site suggested shampooing in beer and the alcohol would have an affect on the live lice, one said to use mayonnaise, one claimed it was natural and herbal by using flowers - it was made from chrysanthemums which are extremely dangerous to humans, one was oil, one was herbal. Some killed the lice, most didn't. Actually it wasn't the lice that were the main problem, it was getting ALL the nits, I mean every single one of them.

So then we saw special combs for the nits and then there was this formula that was supposed to loosen the eggs. It certainly did nothing to loosen the nits that clung to every hair shaft with such bonding abilities that Krazy Glue should be researching their natural elements.

When it seemed like we were headed for a life of abject poverty and lice infestation, we started experimenting on our own. Through lots of trials and heartaches, and several accidents, emerged a solution that not only rids the head of live lice, it eliminates the need to pick and pull the hair anymore. This may sound impossible, but it's been proven time and again by us and our friends and the people who have used our product. Not only did Nicole get head lice once but twice, from two different "donors". Knowing how to handle the second round was the greatest feeling. The biggest obstacle for head lice is, getting rid of it quickly and without much discomfort to the person who has to endure this agonizing ordeal. Our solution takes care of the one thing that perpetuates the whole lice problem: the nits.

It gives our family great pleasure and happiness to provide this cure to other families suffering at this very moment. Please feel free to ask questions or make comments about our product. Our story has been provided to let you know we have been where you are now and know what you're going through. This product will cure head lice if you follow the directions carefully.

Best of luck to you,
Diane Serhal