A scientific breakthrough while studying research pioneered by Purdue University's Entomology (insect) Department.

Purdue is in Indiana's farm country. Insect research is very important to the agriculture industry and Purdue University has developed a world-renowned Department of Entomology. They have branched far beyond just agricultural insects. By studying head lice and nits (medical term: Pediculosis) a weakness in the biological structure was observed. A new, non-pesticide, non-enzyme based product was developed. It was the research of Purdue University Department of Entomology available data and studies that led to this break through.


A desperate dream...

We believed that there had to be a way to kill head lice and nits without nit-picking or pesticides. That belief became a reality. Now, you too can believe that your peace-of-mind has been found, and we will help you make it happen. Get your life back. Take back your family. We will fight for you.

It is our passion to rid the world of lice. Let's do this!

  • No More Nit-Picking.
  • No More Combs.
  • No More Pesticides.


  • No More dangerous enzymes.
  • No More unconfirmed Internet gimmicks.
  • No More harmful shampoos.
  • No More embarrassment.
  • No "medicine" smell.
  • Discreet shipping.


Let's get rid of lice and nits.


Are you at the end of your rope? Frustrated? Most people get here by searching after trying other lice treatments. They did not work. So people franticly search and try different things. They are frustrated, tired, and just want this to be over with! We will help...we promise. If you or a loved one have head lice and nits, we can and will get rid of them. I promise. ~ Darren Serhal


LiceHelp.com is a site designed with a focus of helping people effectively eliminate head lice and nits including the new "Super Lice". We are family owned with a passion for helping other people who are going through what we ourselves endured and overcame.


This site gives you quite a bit of information on both the product we offer and about head lice and nits themselves. Do not be overwhelmed. Read what you want, when you want. You will not miss anything and there is no fine print.