Head Lice Treatments$9.99 NANNA BAKER'S HEAD LICE & NIT REMEDY  We would like to introduce a new product in addition to our amazing current ones. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Rich Baker (a friend of ours) found out that we created our own lice formula. He said that his grandma had a all natural formula and that we should look into it. We talked to her a while and did some testing and tweaking and this stuff is amazing. You put it on 2 times. It kills both the live lice and the nits. It is made out of common ingredients that you probably have at home. People are already giving us great reports. It is inexpensive and safe! Everything in it is food-grade (although there is NO WAY I would eat it).

  • DHMO - Water
  • Salt Flour
  • Wheat Four
  • Corn Starch
  • Corn Sugar Gum (Xanthan Gum)
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Neem Oil
  • d-Limonene (Citrus oil concentrate)
  • Lavender Oil

Even though it has gluten in it, it is safe to use with gluten allergies because you do not ingest it. It is really inexpensive so it is a great option if money is a consideration. Let us know what you think!

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SUPER LICE & MUTANT LICE INFORMATION:  Head lice are becoming immune to head lice treatments that use pesticides. Head lice and nits can not become immune to this product because it does not use pesticides to kill them.

$68.42 Now $58.42 SUPER LICE Treatment Natural Formula - Kills Super lice/nits
$19.99 Inexpensive Do-It-Yourself alternative (Treats 6-7 people)
$34.99 Head Lice Cure - 4 bottle Natural Head Lice Treatment kit
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A desperate dream...

We believed that there had to be a way to kill head lice and nits without nit-picking or pesticides. That belief became a reality.

Now, you too can believe that your peace-of-mind has been found, and we will help you make it happen.

Get your life back. Take back your family. We will fight for you.

It is our passion to rid the world of lice. Let's do this!

Head Lice Treatment• No More Nit-Picking.

• No More Combs.

• No More Pesticides.

• No More dangerous enzymes.
• No More unconfirmed Internet gimmicks.
• No More harmful shampoos.
• No More embarrassment.
• No "medicine" smell.
• Discreet shipping.

Let's get rid of lice and nits.

Are you at the end of your rope? Frustrated?

Most people get here by searching after trying other lice treatments. They did not work. So people franticly search and try different things. They are frustrated, tired, and just want this to be over with! We will help...we promise. If you or a loved one have head lice and nits, we can and will get rid of them. I promise. -Darren Serhal is a site designed with a focus of helping people effectively eliminate head lice and nits including the new "Super Lice". We are family owned with a passion for helping other people who are going through what we ourselves endured and overcame.

This site gives you quite a bit of information on both the product we offer and about head lice and nits themselves. Do not be overwhelmed. Read what you want, when you want. You will not miss anything and there is no fine print.

To the left is the "Navigation" area. Click around and explore.

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Head Lice Cure

Necessity breeds invention

Our flagship product is something that we invented ourselves with a great need motivating us. Our daughter had been infested with head lice and nothing we bought or tried worked. After a year of trial and error, we devised a product and method that worked.

You can read our whole story here.

We call it Absolute Head Lice Cure. It does work...and without pesticides like those found in your local drug store that are made for head lice. There are also no harmful pesticides like those that are prescribed for head lice by your doctor. There are no dangerous enzymes. There are no dangerous natural pesticides* like those found in other "natural" head lice solutions (although ours IS natural botanical oils). There are no unproductive ideas like putting mayonnaise, olive oil, Tea Tree Oil*, or petroleum jelly on your child's head to get rid of head lice.

* Did you know Tea Tree Oil is contraindicated for small children and pregnant women?

Head Lice Cure is unique in that it offers:

Head Lice treatment• No More Nit-Picking.
• No More Combs.
• No More Pesticides.
• No More dangerous enzymes.
• No More unconfirmed Internet gimmicks.
• No More harmful shampoos.
• No More embarrassment.
• No "medicine" smell.
• Discreet shipping.


Head Lice Cure is also unique in that you do not have to wash & dry bedding, shampoo carpets, sequester stuffed animals to a plastic bag in the garage, or other usual and difficult demands.

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...the nit-picking dilemma

Image descriptionNit picking is really the crux of head lice problem. The actual lice themselves are relatively easy to eliminate. However, their eggs that have been glued to the hair shaft create a huge dilemma for most people.

Nit picking is the normal solution that is offered yet it is extremely inefficient. Nits are very small eggs and removing them manually is subject to huge possibilities for error. Head Lice Cure is also unique in that you do not have to wash & dry bedding, shampoo carpets, sequester stuffed animals to a plastic bag in the garage, or other usual and difficult demands. There may be hundreds or thousands of eggs on a head of hair and missing one or two of them will cause a reinfestation in about a month. People are constantly puzzled as to why head lice keep reinfesting their loved ones - after all, even the school nurse checked the head and readmitted the child. >>More details about nit picking here

Most products out there still contend that you have to nitpick every nit off of the head. While this may be true for their product, it is not for Absolute Head Lice Cure. Our product uses a triple redundancy method of killing the live lice and every single nit. >>More details about our triple redundancy method here

How can we gain your trust?

Image descriptionTestimonials

...word of mouth

How do we gain your trust?

This is a question that we asked ourselves over and over. Since we are based on the Internet as opposed to actual storefront that you could walk into, we are constantly working to gain your trust.

We offer a guarantee so that there is no monetary risk for you. This is one part of the trust building we try to do. The other is to post many testimonials. To the right, in the colored boxes, you can see in few of the testimonials. We are very proud of these. There are many more posted on the testimonial page.

These testimonials are real, from real people with struggles very similar to yours and ours. Their stories ring a bell with a lot of people. Sometimes when we go through situations such as head lice, we feel alone because it is not exactly a subject we can share with a lot of people. These testimonials help show us that we are all struggling with similar problems and that there are ways to overcome these problems. You cannot imagine how grateful we are when people offer testimonials. Sharing information, and solutions to problems is very important for us as a human community. One thing the Internet has offered is the opportunity for people to share important items and solutions. We offer these testimonials as a proof that our head lice cure works like we say it does.

We would be very honored if you would send us a testimonial when you are finished with Head Lice Cure.

We would also greatly appreciate any feelings you have on what we can do to be even more trustworthy. When we initially cured our daughter of head lice, we offered our solution to other parents who were struggling with it. As the product cured them, they went on to tell others and the word-of-mouth testimonials were wonderful...but how do you translate that to a webpage? If you have any ideas for us please feel free to e-mail us. We would love to hear your ideas. How do we gain your trust?

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